Eternia Project stems from a dream of its founder: «To re-think Man's identity in the future».

It is the workshop of ideas and studies in relation to the impact that immortality and actions into the future will have on everyday life.

Eternia Project has three fundamental scopes:

To guarantee

To assure immortality, protection, perpetuation and appreciation of data, for both the individual Eternia user and also in a more collective perspective of humanity.

To improve life

To improve life by persistently studying, experimenting and realising new possibilities for the future and immortality through the potential of innovative technologies.

To do good

To develop and build social projects that fully benefit from Eternia's potential, with real usable and support contexts available to certain types of disadvantaged users.

Eternia is basically the physical place where these considerations become reality.

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Eternia is the future-oriented Personal Network that allows you to:

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Eternia has been selected for 2015 Web Summit ALPHA Program

We just finished exhibiting at stand number D329 in the Downtown Area on Day 1 of the event, Tuesday, November 3.

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